Burial Headstones

Most Council operated cemeteries are lawn cemeteries where the headstone is placed on an existing concrete beam at the head of the grave. Cemetery by-laws dictate the base and headstone dimensions, particularly the height of the headstone. As a guide, the most common size for an up-right lawn headstone is 700mmx550mmx75mm on a base measuring 915mm (width) x450mm (depth) x100mm (height). There is a by-law guide to memorial sizes etc, but each controlling council has its own specifications.

Granite is the preferred material in most cemeteries. A permit is required before any memorial is erected in a Council cemetery. Private and urapa cemeteries are not governed by the same rules as apply above so generally you are able to put in any size and base that fits the plot.

Adult Burial Headstones

Headstone World - Burial Headstones - crem-bevelled-wave

Crem Bevelled Wave

Blue pearl bevelled wave

Headstone World - Burial Headstones-Square Top

Square Top

All polished. Black or grey options

Headstone World - Burial Headstones - Square Plate

Square Plate

All polished black or grey square

Headstone World - Burial Headstones - T28 Carved Book

T28 Carved Book

All polished black book

Headstone World - Burial Headstones - Wave Stone

Wave Stone

All polished blue pearl wave

Headstone World - Burial Headstones - 3 Tier Stone

3 Tier Stone

All polished black or grey plate

Headstone World - Burial Headstones - Carved Tulip

Carved Tulip

Green or red carved tulips

Headstone World - Burial Headstones - Bevelled Wave

Bevelled Wave

Blue pearl bevelled wave

Headstone World - Products - Burial Headstones - Cremation Plaque

Cremation Plaque

Child Burial Headstones

All Polished Radius

All polished radius plate and base. 2x flower pots

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